MAPT-PAC was formed in 1983 to empower physical therapists to be more involved in the determination of state laws and policies. The Massachusetts Chapter of the APTA decided to create a mechanism that would allow the physical therapy profession to channel its financial and grassroots support to help elect candidates to the State Legislature who are responsive to the physical therapy profession's goals and viewpoints. MAPT-PAC is governed and directed by a Board of Trustees which helps to guide policy dependent on the needs of the profession in this State.

PACs were authorized by law in the 1970s as part of campaign finance reform. The purpose was to allow citizens of average means to band together, to pool their small, after-tax and voluntary contributions and be able to compete with wealthy individual donors. PACs were seen as way to channel individuals into the political process in a fully disclosed and limited manner.

More than two decades later, PACs are one of the few reforms that have worked exactly as intended. By promoting civic knowledge and involvement, PACs have stimulated millions of Americans to become active in the process.

MAPT-PAC has allowed us to help many of our friends in the State Senate and House of Representatives. It has given us a voice that is heard in the legislature, as well as a chance to help the friends of physical therapy get elected to either the House or the Senate. Without MAPT-PAC's high profile among Members of the State Legislature, many opportunities would be missed on legislation and laws could be passed that would jeopardize our ability to practice physical therapy as we do today.

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